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Our mission

Our mission is to enable ten million people to have comfortable conversations in a foreign language by 2030. We aim to do that by creating the best damned learning tools the world has ever seen, tools that leverage everything we know about memory, motivation and learning. And when we need to make a choice between tools that are Familiar, or tools that are Effective, we will choose Effective every single time.

Because we’re tired of solutions that don’t work. It’s time to give people what they need to truly reach fluency.


With languages, you are at home anywhere.
– Edward De Waal

Our Team

We come from different countries and backgrounds, working together towards the same goal: helping you learn a new language, fast!

  • Carla H.

    Carla H.

  • Erika M.

    Erika M.

  • Gabe W.

    Gabe W.

  • Gam C.

    Gam C.

  • Heather T.

    Heather T.

  • Itzli H.

    Itzli H.

  • Jee F.

    Jee F.

  • Jessica H.

    Jessica H.

  • Kiran M.

    Kiran M.

  • Will K.

    Will K.


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