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These apps will train your ears in the pronunciation system of a language in 2 weeks, and make any language substantially easier to learn.

Welcome to the Fluent Forever Pronunciation Trainer page!

In December 2013, I ran a Kickstarter to fund development of a series of revolutionary pronunciation trainers. They allow you to train your ears in the pronunciation system of a new language in a couple of weeks, and thereby make that language a lot easier to learn in the long run, since you stop struggling to hear sounds you’re not familiar with. I’ve written about these trainers in my book, my blog and in an article for Scientific American Mind, but it’s probably easiest just to watch the original videos from the Kickstarter:

The Kickstarter Video

The Research behind the trainers

I’m releasing trainers in these languages: Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (European), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Russian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Arabic (MSA), Hebrew, Hungarian, English, and Dutch.

You can order them at the store, or, for the ones still in development, you can pre-order them, which will give you the option of early access.

Supported Operating Systems

These trainers run in Anki, the (free) software package I use to learn languages. I am not the developer of Anki, but I do think he’s done a pretty great job of creating a powerful (if slightly complex) flashcard program. Anki runs (for free) on Macs, PCs and Linux, and you can review your flashcard decks on Android and iOS devices, and all of your devices can synchronize with each other. It’s a pretty sweet setup. Be aware that while there is a free, functional option for iOS devices (AnkiWeb), that free option is relatively slow – you have to wait a few seconds for each sound file to load because they’re not stored locally on your phone – and so your best option for iOS is the paid ($25) AnkiMobile app. (Android has a native app that works just fine and is free). I’ve talked with Anki’s developer about whether it’d be possible to speed up AnkiWeb, and apparently due to security restrictions on Apple phones, there’s just no way to do it. Is AnkiMobile worth the $25? I think so, but what I usually recommend is to start using Anki on your computer, and if you find that you can see yourself using it for the long haul, then purchase AnkiMobile.