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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Anki Deck


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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Anki Deck will help you quickly learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). IPA is a sound alphabet that gives you a symbol for each type of sound found in the English language and therefore provides the foundation to understand how to properly pronounce words in English.

What will you learn:

• Easily recognize the IPA symbols in English – It will help you memorize the IPA symbols and give you the basic foundation to pronunciation in English.

• Understand how to go to and from the written IPA and spoken/heard sounds – This deck will help you recognize the IPA symbols and hear them in your head. So if you see a word in IPA for example in a dictionary, you should be able to hear what it sounds like and be able to go from sounds that you hear back to the IPA.

• Be able to compare English to your target language – Understand what English does in terms of pronunciation and to therefore see the differences in other languages. For example, if you see an English word written in IPA and a French word in IPA, it’ll be really clear what the differences are because the vowels will be different or the consonants will be different.

What you receive in this deck:

This deck contains 121 cards that cover the following topics:

• Each sound in the English language (50 facts, 100 cards) with a recording, examples of each sound, the IPA symbol, and notes (for the consonants) about Place/Voicing/Manner. Vowels are based on General American pronunciation, though I include the main vowels/diphthongs of Received Pronunciation (“British” English).

• Three utility symbols of the IPA (symbols for long, primary stress, and syllable mark)

• The places used in English (9 of them, with pictures)

• The manners (9 of them, with written descriptions/examples)

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