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If you’re really serious about learning a language, and you like the idea of using techniques that have a lot of scientific and research backing behind them, this book is VERY much worth it.

Chicago, United States

I’ve never been so excited to challenge my mind

Never before have I seen a language-learning method — or method for learning anything! — that synchs up so perfectly with our current scientific understanding of how memory works. I now understand why my past attempts to learn other languages (Spanish, German, Latin) have left me with little more than a smattering of near-random vocabulary words, and I’m inspired to try again. Fluent Forever promises a fun, personalized learning regimen that is sure to wire a new tongue into your brain with speed and simplicity. And Wyner’s sharp wit will keep you entertained along the way! I’ve never been so excited to challenge my mind.”

Contributing Editor at Scientific American Mind magazine

Fluent Forever changed my life

I’m happy to tell you that Fluent Forever changed my life…I’ve made far more progress than I ever did before. Being conversational is no longer a dream.

Roger A,
United States

A solid game plan based on how people actually learn and memorize information

Fluent Forever more than meets the daunting challenge of learning a new language by giving the reader a solid game plan based on how people actually learn and memorize information. From the first chapter, I couldn’t wait to get started using Wyner’s techniques and tones of resources. His writing is engaging, smart, and conversational, making learning a real joy. If you’ve ever wanted to become fluent in another language, do yourself a favor and start reading Fluent Forever now.”

Contributing Writer for Lifehacker.com and author of LinkedIn in 30 Minutes

A brilliant and thoroughly modern guide to learning new languages

A brilliant and thoroughly modern guide to learning new languages. Fluent Forever won’t teach you French, or German, or any other language — but it will teach you how to learn whatever language you do want to learn, and to learn it faster, and more efficiently. If you want a new language to stick, start here

Cognitive psychologist and author of the New York Times bestseller Guitar Zero

My Dutch progress had skyrocketed!

As someone who struggled to learn Dutch with Tell me More, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Duolingo, and numerous online websites, Fluent Forever is what finally got me to a place where I can maintain conversations with my husband’s family in exclusively Dutch. My husband didn’t even know I started using Fluent Forever and commented after only a few months of the Fluent Forever techniques that my Dutch progress had skyrocketed!”

Roger A,
United States

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