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We are an app + tutoring platform that delivers fluency in spoken english in months, not years.


What is the Fluent Forever method?

The Fluent Forever method was designed to systematically build spoken fluency in each student.

We take the best parts of the English immersion experience - and we combine those associations with a suite of self-guided, evidence-based tools that help students hold onto everything they learn long term.

The approach allows students to directly learn how to think and speak in English. And as a result, they reach spoken fluency in a fraction of the time compared with other methods.

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What is Fluent Forever?

Fluent Forever is a language learning platform that delivers live, one-on-one instruction with native speaking teachers (via Zoom, once a week), using those live sessions to create content that's 100% personalized to each individual student,and then adaptively generating a week's worth of personalized and asynchronous curriculum, that a student can study any time on their mobile phone.

In practice, students retain all of the information from their one-on-one interactions with their teachers.
By using our adaptive curriculum to build upon each week's lessons, students can reach true fluency in spoken English in less than a year.

Easy to use in school, distance learning, blended learning

Because Fluent Forever's curriculum is 100% personalized to every single student, it integrates with and supports any and all classrooms and lesson plans.

In particular, when used as a supplemental tool in schools with bilingual programs, we dramatically increase the amount of content that students can remember from their classroom time.

Key Features

  • Ear training and pronunciation exercises: a quick, 1-month curriculum designed to boost a student's retention of words and grammar by 20% for the rest of their lives. And students leave with a permanently improved accent.
  • Fully personalized content for every student: Students learn sentences that have been designed by a native speaker for them alone. This increases their retention and learning speed by +100% .
  • Image-based, immersive flashcards: By connecting every new word and sentence with images instead of translations, we increase double retention compared to translation-based approaches.
  • Spaced Repetition Algorithm: We monitor every student's retention of each word and grammar concept, and test them shortly before they forget each one. Adaptive lesson plans that use spaced repetition algorithms like ours increase long term retention by 4x compared with less sophisticated approaches to reviews.
  • Intelligent Word Groupings: Instead of presenting words in categories (red/green/blue, apple/banana/lemon), we present words in associated groups (red/apple/fruit). These groupings more than double learning speed and retention rates, when compared with category-based groupings.


We begin a student’s journey with best-in-class ear training and pronunciation exercises, so that English words stop sounding foreign and hard to memorize.

We then teach English words and grammar by talking to the student about their life and interests, building personalized content together, and then quizzing the students on those entences in an immersive, no-translation environment with customized flashcards that the student has had a hand in creating.

We then monitor a student’s retention of each word or grammatical concept, and use our spaced repetition algorithm to continue quizzing them at the right moment to maximize their recall rate.

Finally, for the most motivated of students who run out of personalized content to study each week, we present additional words and grammatical concepts in intelligent word groups that double a student’s retention, compared with other self-service apps and language learning tools.


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