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Discount Bundle 2: A Pronunciation Trainer, A Word List and The Kickstarter Goodies


Fluent Forever Pronunciation Trainer

The Most Awesome Word Lists You Have Ever Seen

These word lists are designed to save you time when you're learning your first 625 words in a foreign language.

Kickstarter Goodies (Quick-start Guide, Webinar Recording)

First, some background. In 2013, I launched a Kickstarter to fund the creation of my pronunciation trainers. At the time, I was trying to raise $10,000, but a lot of people were interested, so it ended up raising $96,000. During that Kickstarter campaign, I added a lot of stretch goals. Some of those turned into word lists, some turned into additional language support, and a couple turned into these Kickstarter goodies.

Kickstarter Goodies

  • PDF of the first chapter of my book. You can get this for free on the Fluent Forever website elsewhere, so don’t buy the goodies if this is all you want.
  • Exclusive webinar (3 hour, 45 minutes). It covers the research underlying the Fluent Forever method and a detailed discussion about how to learn your first words.
  • The Quick-start guide to learning any language. It’s basically an 11-page, Cliffnotes version of my book – a detailed overview of every step of the language learning process, condensed as much as I can condense it.
Note, the Kickstarter goodies are not available to purchase on their own in the shop, so if you do want to get hold of them, you will need to go for one of the discounted bundles we offer.

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