Out of necessity, we created a hyper-effective method that actually works.

And we believe our language-learning method is the fastest to fluency with the longest retention.

Our Story

Fluent Forever was born out of our founder’s need to learn French within 3 months. The result was a revolutionary language learning method rooted in neuroscience that has given thousands of learners worldwide the fastest road to fluency and the best retention of any method.

Meet Our Founder
Gabriel Wyner, Founder & CEO of Fluent Forever

Gabe is a best-selling author, opera singer, and polyglot. After reaching fluency in German in 14 weeks with the help of an immersive language school, he fell in love with the process of language learning and developed a proven method that rapidly builds fluency in short, daily, in-home sessions. He’s since learned French to fluency in 5 months, Russian in 10 months, and Spanish, Hungarian, and Japanese over the last few years.

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Meet Our Growing Team of Polyglots

We’re a fully remote but tight-knit team of language lovers all over the world.

John Rush
Seattle, WA, USA


Seth Nation
Seattle, WA, USA

Technical Intern

Kara Graham
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Communications & Social Media Coordinator

Lauren Brown
Pleasanton, CA, USA

Team Operations Coordinator

Elizabeth Essington
Winnetka, CA, USA

Payroll & Benefits Administrator

Gabe Wyner
Chicago, IL, USA

CEO/Señor Presidente

Vinny Reddy
Chicago, IL, USA

Software Test Engineer

Autumn Jarvis
Bowling Green, KY, USA

Customer Happiness Heroine

Andrew Sanchez
Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Technical Operations Admin

William King
Anniston, AL, USA

Project Manager - App & Language Content Development

Kay Schofield
Chesapeake, VA, USA

Customer Happiness Heroine

Gaston Blanchet
Miami, FL, USA

Head of Growth

Heather Tucker
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Director of Operations

Edu Zamora
Madrid, Spain

Software Developer

Aleks Lemezović
Sofia, Bulgaria

Customer Happiness Hero

Denny Dacheva
Sofia, Bulgaria

Customer Happiness Heroine

Iris Atalay
Istanbul, Turkey

Design Lead

Evan Walther
Cape Town, South Africa

Lead Business Advisor

Kiran Mandadi
Bangalore, India

Development Engineer in Test

Matthew Alberto
Taipei, Taiwan

Web Developer & Facebook Community Manager

Gam Cordeta
Quezon City, Philippines

Administration Support Assistant

Nikkie Mullet
Plain City, OH, USA

Customer Happiness Heroine

We Believe In Pfard

In what language is that? None. We made it up. But it summarizes how we strive to be with each other and our beloved customers.


Actively explore new ways to keep improving.


Never lose our sense of humor and enjoy what we do.


Be sincere about who we are and honest about what we sell.


Rapidly respond to our customers and keep timelines updated.


Own our failures and celebrate our successes.

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