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"This is a fun way for anyone to discover the secrets of language instruction presented in a conversational, stress-free way - no matter how little time you have."

The best method for serious language learners

Our Four Step Method is based on extremely powerful learning tools that optimize your brain’s memory abilities. So not only will you learn a language quickly, you’ll remember it forever.

“Love the book and audio book is also fantastic. This book is a must read if you want to learn a new language.”

Brunilda Trinidad


“Life changing. Really changed my POV when it comes to learning languages.”

Christal Gearring


“The methods inside, especially spaced learning, are essential for retaining words in your long-term memory.”

Ivan Chan


“In my 25 years of Japanese language learning, this is the best how-to of language learning.”

Ted R.


Instantly unlock your brain’s natural ability to learn languages

Our patented method unlocks your brain to naturally learn languages faster than ever before. Fluent Forever is based on a recent scientific breakthrough called spaced repetition. Imagine a learning system that doesn’t force you to memorize and doesn’t pound you with grammar rules and conjugation.

“Genius.  Pure and simple.”

“I believe that I am learning Spanish in a way that make sense for me… in ways that a classroom setting never did.”

Marsha M.

“To be an opera singer, I needed an efficient system to quickly learn six languages. I turned to neuroscience and found a solution that works.”

Gabe Wyner

Fluent Forever CEO &

Best Selling Author

The #1 best-selling book by Gabe Wyner

Became the #1 crowd-funded app in history

Whether you’ve read the Fluent Forever book or not, our new app will automatically jump-start your learning using smart algorithms, ear training, and our proprietary learning method.

Learn a Language and Never Forget

Experience the new app that brings life to the renowned neuroscience-based method from our bestselling book.

Smart Flashcards

By picking images you love instead of ones chosen by us, your brain connects to the emotion of each word, enhancing your recall automatically.

Spaced Repetition

Stop wasting your time reviewing flashcards over and over. Our patented algorithm is the most effective memorization tool devised for optimal learning and retention.

Intelligent Vocab

Double your vocabulary acquisition speed by learning words in associated groups (red... apple... fruit) rather than hard-to-remember category-based groups (red... orange... yellow).

Audio Training

Learn to pronounce like a native and speed up vocabulary retention with the help of sound discrimination exercises.

Four Step Method

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