An Incredibly Simple, Scientifically Proven Spanish Program

Break All The Rules And Join The Spanish Bootcamp That Turns Your Mind Into a MENTAL MAGNET

that automatically draws the Spanish language into your brain with minimal effort, in as little as two weeks!

This Program works even if you:

Have no time to learn a language

Feel nervous about having real conversations

Have tried and failed before to speak a new language

Aren’t good at memorization or studying every day

Think you have zero talent for languages

Whether you are a total beginner or advanced speaker

Want to learn for a specific reason like work or travel

Struggle to stay motivated to learn

As seen in

world-class opera singer discovers the amazing secret weapon used by memory experts

Our new Spanish bootcamp will train your brain to learn ANY language - anytime, anywhere… in just 10 minutes a day.

Gabe Wyner

Evan Walther

Transform Your Spanish In Just 12 Days 

Tremendous personal powers lie scattered - useless - within your mind right now.  

Controversial? Yes! But it may also be the most important language learning discovery of our day.

Here at last are the mental magnetizers that focus and unleash those powers with the force of an exploding volcano! A simple 12-day Spanish accelerator program that doesn’t just force you to memorize tons of vocabulary . . . but can actually train your brain, in case after case, to automatically absorb new words as you see them!

To encourage you to reach a higher level of Spanish fluency, we expose three major mindset hacks that will dramatically shortcut your learning.

Our Supercharged 12-Day Spanish Bootcamp isn’t Magic, but It Feels Like It Is!

Designed for anyone who wants to skyrocket their Spanish fluency overnight and turn their brain into a supercharged “language vacuum” that sucks up Spanish with ease.

Typical Language Learning

Repetitive Memorization

Most language learning programs are based on memorizing basic words, many that you’ll never use in a conversation

Not talking soon enough:

You have to spend years learning vocabulary before you start talking and hearing other people talk in Spanish

No pronounciation:

You learn how to memorize words, but wait months or even years before you are taught how to listen to and pronounce the same words

Meet the Spanish YOU!

Talk to a Spanish speaker:

From the first day you will focus on the most important part: opening your mouth and training your brain and ears to hear the Spanish language.

Proprietary review algorithm

Our app and our method has been described as one of the biggest breakthroughs in memory science, allowing you to learn faster by using short bursts

Learn from your passions

Your coach will build lessons around YOUR passions and interests, instead of generic vocabulary that is uninteresting and uninspiring to you

The Problem

Most Spanish learners are busy and don’t have hours upon hours each week to dedicate to learning.

You were never taught the system to become successful at Spanish. It’s not your fault.

The truth it that you DON’T need to spend hours each week to learn Spanish. Most people were never taught that there are incredibly simple, powerful techniques that make learning easy and automatic.

Yes. Really. There’s no magic involved. It really is possible to learn a whole new language quickly – if you know the right methods and have an extra 10 minutes a day. No BS, no shortcuts, just real-world results from people who are already learning languages faster than ever before.

The Solution:

With Our New Program You DON’T Need To “Buckle Down” And Study For Hundreds Of Hours Or Listen To Endless Audio Recordings

It’s never been easier to become fluent in Spanish in far less time than you previously thought possible

Step #1

Connect with your language coach for 10 minutes each morning

Step #2

Review your daily coaching right inside the app at your pace

This is the result

A New Kind of Breakthrough in Psychology That Says:

Forget Your Past, Forget Your Feelings of Inadequacy, AND TAKE FULL COMMAND OF THE SPANISH LANGUAGE - TODAY!

“What I got from this bootcamp is a breakthrough.”

- Leah Lion, Participant

The Fluent Forever Bootcamp Is What We’ve All Been Waiting For

Real coaches teaching you exactly what matters in your life and causing breakthroughs in your Spanish fluency without huge amounts of effort on your part!

These True Testimonials  From Real Users Prove That Anyone Can Learn Spanish QUICKLY and EASILY

Megan K.

“It’s the best. I absolutely love it. This is the best session yet… this session has exploded my Spanish. Working with Marcelo was amazing! It’s so great to have fluid conversations with him.”


“I have achieved the goal of feeling a lot more confident in the language. I’m able to take the system and apply it… I’m not reliant upon anyone else. It’s very empowering.”


To be an opera singer, I needed an efficient system to quickly learn the six languages demanded by my career. I turned to neuroscience and found a solution that works.

See Results from Day One

Skyrocket your drive, will-power, and self-confidence on the first day of your Spanish Bootcamp.

So easy to learn - and for a price so incredibly low - that you may not believe it’s possible.

We’re promising a breakthrough in Spanish. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not when you've learned an entire dictionary. Right now, from day 1.

The Fluent Forever MXU Bootcamp is about speaking a new language now through having real conversations. We’ve found that this is the single most effective way to learn a language.

Time and again students tell us “I always wanted to learn a new language, and I tried a million different techniques, but it only actually happened when I tried the Fluent Forever bootcamp.”

Would it be worth an extra ten minutes a day to you to learn Spanish 85% faster than ever before?

Gabe Wyner

Evan Walther

Get these Amazing Bonuses During Your Bootcamp

Bonus #1

Access to the Fluent Forever App

It’s the most crowd-funded app in history and it’s yours to use for free during the bootcamp. We’ll load your app full of the sentences you create with your coach.

Bonus #2

One Hour Advanced Language Learning Mastermind Group

Join our group coaching session with Gabe Wyner or one of our highly-qualified experts to ask any question on your mind about language learning, and hear questions asked by other bootcamp participants.

Registration closes in




12 Coaching Sessions with your own personal Spanish coach

All sentences and phrases put into the Fluent Forever app

Free access to the Fluent Forever app during the bootcamp

One hour Q/A masterclass with Gabe Wyner or other guest speakers

Designed To Sell For $450.  Save 66% for a Limited Time Only.

Only $150.00!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is “Meet the Spanish You!”?

Meet the Spanish YOU! is a cloud based live Spanish training program. It uses real Spanish-speaking coaches, our proprietary app, and Zoom video conferencing to create an accelerated Spanish learning environment.


Is this a One Time Fee?

Yes! This is a one-time fee for your 12-day bootcamp experience.


I Am Non Technical! Can I Use This?

Yes! The MXU Bootcamp is Newbie Friendly. No special skills, no learning curve required... We have easy step-by-step instructions that cover all aspects of connecting to your coach over the Zoom videoconferencing software.


Will this work on Mac and PC?

Yes! Meet the Spanish YOU! is 100% cloud based and works on any internet connected device. It runs inside your internet browser or through the Zoom videoconferencing app so you can access it on any computer with an Internet connection.


How much fluency will I gain in one bootcamp?

Each bootcamp is designed to increase your TrueNorth fluency score up to 10%, and we guarantee that during your first MXU bootcamp you will gain at least one level on your TrueNorth score as long as you participate in the experience fully.


What languages are supported?

Right now, the MXU Bootcamp is specifically geared toward learning the Spanish language.