The English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck

The English Pronunciation / International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck

Use this flashcard deck along with my video series on YouTube to quickly learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This deck contains 121 cards that cover the following topics:

• Each sound in the English language (50 facts, 100 cards) with a recording, examples of each sound, the IPA symbol, and notes (for the consonants) about Place/Voicing/Manner.  Vowels are based on General American pronunciation, though I include the main vowels/diphthongs of Received Pronunciation (“British” English).

• Three utility symbols of the IPA (symbols for long, primary stress, and syllable mark)

• The places used in English (9 of them, with pictures)

• The manners (9 of them, with written descriptions/examples)

I have a free demo deck over here so you can try it out ahead of time.  Feel free to use the demo deck as a template for making your own deck if you prefer (you learn a lot that way!)

These cards are designed to be a supplement to my video tutorials on English Pronunciation.  Watch those first.  Then watch this walkthrough, which takes you through each card.

Notes and links: • Installation tutorial • About charging for Anki decks


For users of Anki 1.2.8: •  A couple of Windows users are reporting seeing black bars instead of IPA symbols in the extra notes section of some of the cards.  This is a font issue, and you can fix it by going into Deck Properties>Basic>Edit>Card Layout for each template and changing the font from Arial to Arial Unicode MS for each field.  This will be fixed for future decks once Anki 2.0 comes out.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

For Users using Anki 2.0.31: The fix is to go to “Card Options” Tools>Manage>Note Types>Cards. You still have to process each card type (and be careful to go through the various card sections).

English Pronunciation Anki Deck

The International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck: $3.00
[Here is where you can purchase it!]

21 thoughts on “The English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck

  1. Livonor

    você traduziu isso no google tradutor? porque está cheio de erros :/ . Você deveria deixar o post em inglês mesmo. Eu sei que você não fala português, mas um cara que lida com línguas fazendo um post cheio de erros dá uma má impressão

    1. Stephanie

      It is in English. You must be using your browser to translate it into Portuguese, which is why you are having the errors.

      This whole site is in English.

    2. gwyner Post author

      Hi Livonor. Yeah, it’s an automatic google translate plugin. I need to reconfigure it so that it’s more obvious what it’s doing! Apologies for the confusion.

  2. Neil Durbin

    I would definitely buy your anki deck however paypal has frozen my account for an unexplained reason. If any other payment options are available please let me know.

  3. Jose Briscoe


    I purchased your “The English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck”, however, how do I actually get the deck. I was redirected to the paypal site in which my wife paid for it for me since I do not have a paypal account. But after that how do I go about getting the deck.



  4. Chiebuka

    Hello, I would like to purchase the English Pronunciation/International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck but I can’t seem to find a link that redirects me to a purchase page. Is this deck still up for sale?

  5. Sebastian

    I downloaded the free demo deck
    Unfortunately Anki will not let me import this at all. Using Anki 2.0 under Ubuntu. Cheers if you could help at all.

  6. phat

    It seems I can’t purchase the card deck anyhow. I tried to click on the “Add to cart” button but it doesn’t work.

  7. darryl

    Unless I’m missing something, the link to buy your IPS Anki deck does not work. It seems to just be a picture, not a clickable linke.

  8. pili

    How can I charge media files to the new anki version. :S It doesn`t seem to have options for dropbox :S. I download your free deck por IPA but I haven`t been able to set the media file. Help!! (I ‘m Windows user ) Thanks!

    1. Gabriel Wyner

      I’m actually not yet sure how I’ll expand the IPA deck offerings, as I cover a lot of the IPA in the pronunciation trainers! I’ll have to think on this a bit and perhaps I’ll expand further once I finish all the trainers.

  9. Daniel Ward

    Hi I’d like to purchase the English IPA Anki deck if it’s available. I’ve been trying find it and the links on this site have me going in circles. If the deck is available could you please send me the link where I can purchases it.

    Also if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion. It seems to me that I have to make to many clicks to purchase any content and it’s very difficult to navigate to a page where I can purchase said content.

    I realize that your just starting to create the for sale content, but I think it would be a good idea to rework the site so that it’s easier for your customers to navigate to the content.

    This would save frustration on the end of your customers and over all mean less email for you.

    By the way I love the book and I can’t wait to start putting this stuff into practice.
    Thanks a lot.

    Sincerely: Daniel Ward

  10. Ricardo

    I try to test your IPA Free Demo Deck, but after import the Anki shows me that none card were imported and no notes are updated. Could you send me your IPA Free Demo Deck by email to test before I buy it?

  11. Gabriel Wyner

    @Ricardo If Anki is telling you “Updated 0/349 Notes”, “Updated 0/71 Notes” or “Updated 3/349 Notes, it almost always means that you already have some version of that deck installed. You may have been part of the beta test, or you might have double-clicked the deck twice when you installed it and missed it when it imported. Look around your decks – 99 times out of 100, you’ll find that you already have the deck you’re looking for!


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